We know that human was created with the most complete and beautiful form than other creatures. We have good appearance, two feet, two leg, two eyes, beautiful body, and the most important is we have heart and intelligence. Heart and intelligence is two things that no creatures have except human. Because of them, human could survive and could “dominate” the world, and built the great culture around the world.
The explanation above is just a prolog to create the mindset that human have a nature attitude. Many observation and research conclude that our brain is our intelligence central. Scientist was divided it on two parts, Left Brain and Right Brain. Each of them, have specific function. Left brain is our logic and thinking central. And the right brain is our feeling central. And the simple explanation is that depends to scientist research, Human solve the problem in their life ( only? ) with their brain.
As we know, our intelligence was divided in three forms, Intellectual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, and Spiritual Quotient. And all of them are in our brain. But, what is the importance of heart? Is it just an organ to ineffective poisons in our body? No, absolutely no. And I realize that all of you know that, we feel something with our heart. When we pissed off, sad, happy, fall in love, we feel them in our chest, our heart. But, what is the function of Emotional Quotient? Is it in our brain?

The answer is that brain just a tool to respond the feeling in our heart. Let’s see and understood an example. When we got angry, our right brain think that you must angry. Our right brain knows the essence of angry, and why you must angry. And then it was translated through your heart. You feel it with your heart. Your chest become uncomfortable and your breath become faster. This is the fact that had not been realized by many neurologists.


WHAT IS ESQ ( EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT) POWER ? (part I) WHAT IS ESQ ( EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT) POWER ? (part I) Reviewed by Anjar Triyoko on Friday, April 16, 2010 Rating: 5

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