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It's like it has been for years since last time i post something in this blog. 1 years and 8 months to be exact. And this blog is like a nest of spider here and there. But, it doesn't matter for me. It's better than nothing left, right? :D

In this blog, I rarely post something personal. There're only two posts that was posted 7 years ago that can be considered as a personal post. haha. And now, this idea to post something personal is just pop out out of nowhere.
Human Nature (source : https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7jRM6ytOA_U/maxresdefault.jpg)

These days, i spent a lot of my time to think about my life. You know, its like i was mesmerized by "life" itself, and i begin to think about my own life. 24 years ago, i was born from my mother's womb, raised, get to elementary school, middle, and high school, spend time with my family and friends, got to college, find other new friends, graduated, being unemployed for a couple of months, got a job in a nice company, and pooff here i am right now. Sit in front of my laptop writing this post. That made me thought that life is really a very simple thing that can only be described by a sentence with a lot of comma. Its like a sequential events that simply connected by destiny. But, when i reach that point of thought, that life is events that connected, i started to realize that life is sooo freaking complicated. Imagine, how many things are happening right now in your city, in your country, in this earth, in this galaxy, in this universe. Billions, trillions, unknown. And I believe all are connected with your life.

Lets get an example. Imagine, suddenly there is a black hole formed in a corner of this huge Milkyway galaxy, and that black hole is big enough and able to suck few planets around. Because of that,gravity force around change and influence some part of a comet path. And that comet path is slightly bend from its original place, but unfortunately that path crossing an other comet path. Then that two comets collide and create a 'micro Big Bang' that changing some big asteroids path. One of that asteroids is used to be far away from earth, but because of that, it crosses near earth. When that asteroid crossing really close to the earth, some scientists from NASA notice that, and have an idea to broadcast a live streaming from their station showing that asteroid say "hello" to human in earth. Because of that live streaming, you stop yourself and watch that for 2 minutes. Unfortunately, that 2 minutes makes you miss your train because that two minutes is enough to create a chain of events that causing a very horrible traffic jam in your city because many people looking to the sky trying to see that asteroid with their naked eyes.

Connected dots

Hahaha, see?! Everything is connected. And even something that completely unknown can influence your life. But, there is something that is not mentioned in above example. We always have option to choose our "life dot". If "you" choose to not watching that live streaming from NASA, probably you will not miss the train. That's why, I think life is about making options and deciding which option that will be chosen to reach a goal that was chosen before. And our vision of life is another decision that we choose from several option, right?

So, the question is, how can we choose the right option so we will not ended up failing? Many people might say, "you have to learn from your experience", "gaining new skills and knowledge", "learn from successful guy", and etc etc. Those answers is not false answer, good answer. but, i think, the best answer for me right now is choose any option that I'm sure I will not regret. I hope, I will never (again) choose something that will make me regret in the future.

The next question is, how can we make sure that our option will not make us regret it in the future? The answer of that is believe in ourselves. While that believe is only can be mastered when we have experience, knowledge, positive & peaceful mind, trained hard by taking risks and fail. The last one is true that maybe we sure need to learn how to deal with failures by making one. So we understand how to deal with them, and make sure we will not fail in our main goal / vision of life in the future.

Okey, thats all. Thanks. If you think this post of mine is a "failure", say below on the comment box, so I learn how to get better. Even if you dont, i will choose to get better anyway. heuheu.


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  1. Very nice post.
    I thought I agree with you. Life is making dots, connecting them, and that's your path. hehe

    1. Thank you for your response mbak Anafi..
      Actually, this post was inspired by Steve Jobs most popular speech in Stanford University 2005. (check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc&t=174s). :)
      Salam kenal btw. :)


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